Thank You Everyone

I cant believe it but the most significant thing about the 29th March 2019 here at JWC is that we will be celebrating 10 years up and running! 10 years ago I embarked on my first UK coaching sessions at Blackpool & Calshot and then had to cancel Egyptian Energy because there were not enough people who wanted to take part. 10 years later and we have 10 coaching holidays running per year and I feel incredibly lucky to have met so many incredible people and to have had the opportunity to coach and travel all this time. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey!

In this piece of news I would like to introduce what we have in mind to celebrate 10 years at JWC!

Improved Website

We are on the countdown to launching some new website improvements – a spruced up site, a smoother experience, and a brand new page profiling many people who come on my trips! Im not sure if if each kitesurfer knows how much I care about their kitesurfing journey but through this page I hope to show just how proud I am of each and every person who quite literally throws themself in the deep-end on one of my holidays. With the new profiles page on the website you can read about people who have been on my trips and learn about what their kitesurfing experiences! Watch this space for the launch coming at the end of this month.

Kitesuring Red Sea Yacht Trairi

We have established a Red Sea Yacht Surfari running from 14th – 19th June 2019. Its not your regular yacht surfari! Ours is called a Kite Triari: A triathalon of kite disciplines where we are introducing hydrofoiling, running masterclasses on surfboard skills & focusing on your freestyle to give you an all action packed experience while onboard the 88ft yacht with space enough to give you your own room with an ensuite. With 3 decks you have place after kitesurfing for chilled tunes & drinks, yoga as the sun goes down &/or a air conditioned salon to gain some quiet time for yourself.

Holidays for the ‘almost up and riding’

We have developed the holidays to cater for those of you who are either beginners or have limited kite skills and are looking to improve. If you can fly a kite, but are stuck on the board starts and/or staying upwind or even if you are a complete beginner then you will have your own coach dedicated to helping you improve during Egyptian Energy in Soma Bay from 7th-14th June 2019.

Family Friendly Holidays

3 years ago our world was blown around like a low pressure containing glorious wind sending us to crazy ups and downs with the birth of our first child… embracing chaos we expanded JWC to emcompass family friendly kitesurfing holidays where mummy and daddy kitesurfers come together to juggle family life with us. We run kiteusrfing holidays in family friendly locations where it is possible for the little one to enjoy being on the beach as much as we do AND each parent can still receive quality time on the water with expereinced coaching allowing them to continue to develop their level. As a a crew of families the kids have new friends to play with and kitesurfing is the facilitator of shared fun!Sicily is the next trip taking place this May followed by the pollution free & beautifully wild Tiree in September.

Introduction of Hydro foiling & Surfboard skills.

Wave riding is not an entirely new thing here at JWC – in fact we love it every much but somehow freestyle has always been the sport closest to my heart having come from a gymnastic background so JWC has focused 90% of its attention to this, but join us in either Brazil or Tiree this year and you will see how waveboard skills have entwined themselves to our minds!! We want to help you nail those foot changes, land those tacs and catch great waves allowing you to harness even more of the oceans power then you already do! In addition to wave riding we will be introducing hydrofoiling. With the development of the hydrofoiling equipment we believe that the learning curve has just become that much more accessible and as such we will be introducing this new discipline during our summer Egyptian Energy Holidays.

Many thanks to everyone for sharing 10 years at JWC and I hope to welcome many kitesurfers more for the next 10! Happy kiting everyone!! Jo

phil hill