Jo Wilson Kitesurfing Coaching and Holidays

Kitesurfing coaching, lessons and holidays for adults & children


UK Holidays

This trip is a total outdoors adventure not for the faint hearted. The air is clear and pollution free and you share the island with a few locals, some magnificent cows, a variety of island birds and the occasional other kitesurfer. Tiree has an 18pmh daily wind average and it is the sunniest of all the British Isles. Not even a tree can grow for fear of being blown over and the waters are crystal clear.

International Holidays

Jo Wilson Coaching provides fun, action packed kitesurfing holidays to some of the most idyllic kite spots around the globe.  Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Wales, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Tiree & Brazil name a few.   They are coaching adventures offering you exhilarating riding in tranquil locations while providing the coaching methods you need to take your mind away from your day job and onto your day dreams.

Family Holidays

We have been through the trials and tribulations of reinstating kitesurfing in to our lives after our first born turned our world upside down, inside out and back up the right way again.  We would love to share our love and passion for kitesurfing and children by joining both our family life with our kitesurfing travel business.



Welcome to the UK Short Burst Sessions.  These courses are designed to give your kitesurfing a kick start for an upcoming kitesurfing holiday or from the dreaded plateau we go through from time to time.  With Jo’s enthusiastic coaching approach you’ll take home the building blocks for the next set of tricks that should be in your repertoire.