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Participant Profiles

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of who take part on Jo Wilson Kitesurfing Coaching Holidays then look no further. Proud of what each person achieves our participants profiles provide a place to celebrate the efforts of those who choose to join us. You teach us how to coach effectively by providing us with your own unique styles and a kitesurfing holiday is just the start of a great journey for us both. 80% of people rebook to join us on another holiday within the following two years, so you may well meet one of these guys if you decide to join us.

Kitesurfing Holidays

Jo Wilson Coaching provides fun, action packed kitesurfing holidays to some of the most idyllic kite spots around the globe. South Africa, Morocco, Sicily, Egypt, Tiree & Brazil name a few.   These holidays are coaching adventures offering you exhilarating riding in tranquil locations while providing the coaching methods you need to take your mind away from your day job and onto your day dreams.

With each holiday you set your own goals and we set about helping you achieve them.

Family Holidays

We have been through the trials and tribulations of reinstating kitesurfing in to our lives after our first born child turned our world upside down, inside out and back up the right way again.  Now we are about to do it with number two. Maintaining our passion for travel, adventure & kitesurfing we would like to invite your family to join our family friendly kitesurfing holidays where adults, children & babies alike can benefit from an active and outdoor lifestyle. Please check out our family friendly holidays and drop us a line if this is something you are interested to be part of.



Welcome to the UK Short Burst Sessions.  These courses are designed to give your kitesurfing a kick start for an upcoming kitesurfing holiday or from the dreaded plateau we go through from time to time.  With Jo’s enthusiastic coaching approach you’ll take home the building blocks for the next set of tricks that should be in your repertoire.