21st – 28th September 2019 – £699 


  • Stunning Accommodation

  • Highly Experienced Coaching

  • High Definition Video Coaching

This trip is a total outdoors adventure not for the faint hearted. The air is clear and pollution free and you share the island with a few locals, some magnificent cows, a variety of island birds and the occasional other kitesurfer. Tiree has an 18pmh daily wind average and it is the sunniest of all the British Isles. Not even a tree can grow for fear of being blown over and the waters are crystal clear.

We aim this trip at the expereinced kitesurfer who is not afraid to fall out of bed, throw on their winter layers and ride in a 5mm wetsuit and boots. It is aimed at the twin tip or waveboard adventurer happy to drive in convoy to tap up the best beach on offer that day. With bays of flat water, beaches with small kickers and options for large waves Tiree offers a whole host of kitesurfing conditions to keep you on your toes all holiday long.

Our coaching will emcompass both waves and freestyle where we will run daily coaching sessions covering a variety of topics:


  • Boosting Bigger – to beat those woo scores

  • Rotations – back rolls, front rolls, transitions

  • Kite Loops – jumping kite loops

  • Darkslides & hand plants


  • Gybing / tacing

  • Strapless Airs

  • Smashing top turns

  • Linking top & bottom turns

There are a maximum of 12 places available on this trip with each topic limited to a maximum of 6 places. When necessary topics may be repeated allowing everyone to benefit from every topic or doubling up sessions if you fancy doing the same session twice.

We are staying in beautiful and very warm holiday cottages on the North of the island and we will ride the stunning bays of Balevulin, Balephuil, Crossapol, Gott Bay and more. Each day whatever the weather we will finish up with some stretching and strengthening exercises and refuel our tired bodies to keep us supple and strong for the days of kitesurfing ahead.

The trip is phenomenal because as a crew we make our own lively vibe on this peaceful island and we road trip each day to find the ultimate playground. In addition you have a highly experienced coaching team behind you to help you progress. The holiday houses are toasty warm with space to dry your wetsuits and dinner is always a well deserved hearty meal. It is our favourite, most satisfying & memorable holiday on the calendar. Please join us, it is always epic!