Family Friendly Tiree Holiday

14th – 21st September 2019 – £399 per kitesurfer


  • Coaching
  • High Definition Video Coaching

Tiree is a phenomenal, natural playground essential to give your little one that pollution free, peaceful experience teamed with nature to stimulate their little souls. Animals roam the open countryside while rock pools & shells line the glorious beaches. Tiree just happens to have an 18mph daily wind average and is the sunniest British Isle – an epic kitesurfing destination. What better way to introduce your little ones to your beach life passion.

This kitesurfing coaching holiday is designed to help new parents regain confidence and brush up on existing kite skills. It will help you get back to kitesurfing fitness and teach you a few new tricks along the way. We will ride the best beaches of the day looking for calm waters, cross onshore wind and sandy beaches. We will make setting up kit, launching and landing easy to do and hassle free. In the meantime there will be up to 4 families so plenty of company for those who are left on the beach.

All week long 2 coaching sessions are available per day for 6 days to allow each parent to have a session while the other one looks after your child. Its up to you who takes which session and it doesn’t matter to us if anyone gets the lion’s share – hopefully mum!  Even in the scenario of no wind there is still a lot of fun to be had kitesurfing related.

Accommodation can be found through The Isle of Tiree website where there are a selection of one and two bedroom self catering houses, guest lodges and hostels. You organise your own place so you can have complete independence and the ability to decide whether to ride each day or take the day off. We’ll organise the kitesurfing logistics.

Communication will take place through Whats App & Text Message arranging the meeting time and place each day. This will be based on the forecast. The island is just 9 miles long making it easy to make it to any of the beaches in just 20 minutes of driving.  Even a rapid exit plan from the beach will be easy to facilitate if your child decides that they need some direct attention.

Jo Wilson is a professional kitesurfer whose son, Finn was born in 2015. Chris her husband runs his own landscaping business in Cumbria. Jo and her family are dedicated to sharing their passion of outdoor life & kitesurfing. Jo has been kitesurfing since 2001 and coaching since 2009. Chris has been kitesuring for his hobby for 5 years. A new family having to relearn the ropes makes them sensitive, understanding AND as determined to ensure kitesurfing remains a major player in their lives.

Join us for this Kitesurfing Coaching Holiday this September. Please contact Jo & Chris via email or call 07919 276 405.

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