Fresh Back From Egypt

I have just landed back in to the UK after a particularly adventurous month in Egypt. We started a trip with a mixed group of beginners to advanced riders in Soma Bay where the beginners had lessons with the local kite school. The intermediate to advanced riders were split in to groups with current Men’s British Champion and coach George Dufty or 3 x Ladies British Champion and long term coach Jo Wilson. The groups allowed people to learn the tricks on their own goal sheets and learn at their individual pace. The woops and cheers from fellow group members always helped encourage each other to keep working away until success was certain. Between sessions no matter what group you were in we still returned to each other to share the peaks and troughs and ice creams of the day.

Our second week away was a very special one indeed. This year we are celebrating 10 years of Jo Wilson Coaching and to celebrate we booked an incredible motor yacht to sail us off to idyllic islands with no one other then the dolphins and colourful reef fish to keep us company. We would anchor up and take zodiacs to little islands for easy launching and landing and then ride the shallow and crystal clear waters around us. Coaching was easy without the interference of myriads of other kitesurfers and the yacht provided a luxurious base between sessions. Our onboard crew ensured that we had plenty of food and refreshements and depsite being on the Red Sea the yact was very much of the healthy and tasteful Swedish influence. When the wind did not blow we foiled& wakeboarded behind the zodiacs, floated on infaltable unicorns, swam with dolphins &/or drank the sweet nectar of Hendricks Gin or fresh orange juice.

Coming back to Soma Bay for our final week bought us back to reality of civilisation, but a fresh group of incredibly determined kitesurfers with bundles of fresh energy and a strong list of tricks to learn. Anything from Jumping to Rotations, Darkslides, Unhooking, Waveboard Skills & Introductions to Foiling were on the agenda. This is where Soma Bay come sin to it own and it provided us with a final incredible week of wind that was the icing to the delicious cake that is Kitesurfing on the Red Sea.

Next up we spend some time in the UK and we are looking forward to the family friendly holiday on the Idyllic Scottish Isle of Tiree.

Jo Rabone