Stella kitesurfing for 2017

Posted on December 14th, 2016 by Jo Wilson

Its all a gogogo here at JWC Headquarters.  Im 100% back on the coaching band wagon after a year of Maternity leave and all I can think about is who I can coach and where can I do it.

If you cast an eye to the holidays page you will be able to see many of the coaching holidays on offer for 2017.  These holidays can whisk you off to Watamu in Kenya, Dakhla in Morocco, Soma Bay in Egypt, Multiple Stops in Brazil, Wave riding in Wales or Adventure riding in Tiree.

Excitingly I will be running these holidays myself once again.

In addition Im looking forward to re-introducing a UK Coaching Tour this spring where I will be travelling to popular beaches in the UK so that I can bring 3 hour quick hit coaching sessions to your door.

Please keep an eye out on this website to see what I can offer you to help get you off to a stella start for 2017.