Happy New Year

Posted on December 31st, 2017 by Jo Wilson

Its been a busy year for the wind gods! Here in the UK they have sent us some incredible storms to ride and these are continuing in to the New Year! We hope that you have had some incredible days on the water to match!

We specialise in running kitesurfing coaching holidays designed with your progression at the forefronts of our mind. We have a action packed year for 2018 lined up and hope that you would like to join us.

Our usual holidays to Morocco, Egypt and Brazil are in place. We have added more improvements with another year of experience under our belts plus we are introducing Lo Stagnone in Sicily to our agenda!

We kick started family friendly holidays and have more of these to offer for those of you who are new parents and looking to get more time on the water while juggling a baby / toddler.

We also agree that despite all these incredible locations around the world you still cannot beat the conditions on offer on your own doorstep so we have another set of holidays coming up this September on the beautiful Scottish Isle of Tiree.

We are looking forward to running a New Youth Coaching Program for 2018 and a UK Short Burst Session Tour bringing 3 hour advanced coaching sessions to a beach near you!

Please check back here for more information or contact me on if you cannot find the answers you are looking for. We will be here to help!

Wishing you a Very Happy & Successful New Year!!

Reflections on Tiree

Posted on October 7th, 2017 by Jo Wilson

A trip to Tiree always starts with the journey getting there. A long drive to Oban that culminates winding the small roads of loch Lomond before travelling along the banks of loch Etive. As you come in towards Oban you can see seals playing in the calm waters enjoying the sun.

The landscape in incredibly beautiful and very dramatic while Oban oozes both the charm of a small fishing village as well as the drama of industry as the Caledonian Macbryne ferry eases its way in to dock… a smooth and quick transition before it sets sail once again with multiple intrepid kitesurfers on board. Destination Tiree!

On the whole people are not quite sure what they should expect from a holiday on Tiree, or even if they are going to survive the extreme wind and waves that Tiree so often presents. Not only that but having embarked on a journey so far North how cold will it be!?

It’s a stunning journey heading out to the islands and you follow a fairly land locked route sailing up the sound of Mull. Waterfalls cascade down from the highgrounds and crash in to the sea. A few beautiful houses can be seen from the ferry, but these islands are very lightly populated and its more a case of watching out for wildlife like whales, seals and dolphins.


Once you arrive to Tiree you find yourself on a low lying island just 9 miles long. There are a handful of beaches that are sandy and you can find them on each side of the island giving you a variety of choices for places to ride no matter what the wind direction. You can pick your beaches for smaller or larger swell!


I come to Tiree to run adventure kitesurfing holidays initially to bring individual kiters together to unite in one group and create a comradeship. Often multiple days are forecasted with a minimum of 30mph and it is so exciting to go share the shred. I offer coaching to really optimize your time on the water.

This year we ran two trips. One for crazy adults and the other for families with really young children.

As you can imagine the first trip was sold out, but the second on one family were crazy enough to join us. In return they got 1:1 coaching and I got to ride!

There are so many moments from the trip that Id like to share, but I’ll pick my favourite from each week.


In the Action week for adults the dawn raid stands out far in my mind….
A dubious wind forecast for 2 days ensured we were up at 5.30am for a dawn raid with wind forecasted for 22mph. We convoyed to Gott Bay still shrouded by darkness. Our headlights lit up a myriad of frogs as they happily leaped along the road. We swerved to miss then and our tyres sent puddles high high up along the field edges. The light rain fell like specks of gold in the full beam. At the beach a glimmer of light came in to the sky, but it was the headlights that provided enough light to be able to rig up our 7m-9m kites. Gav hit the water first before the clock struck 7am and the rest of the crew were out moments later. We rode for 2 glorious hours over head high waves and jumping like a misfits. Al darkslided across the flat water between the waves but there was a slim chance of unhooking for the s bend crew. Sue charged through the waves for her second time ever and Tim contentedly snoozed from the safety of his van. Paul threw down his front rolls while Craig and Ed went for hangtime magic. Finn my son conducted the show from the beach and Chris was on hand to catch the kites. When the wind dropped at the flick of a switch we piled back in to the beach ready for coffee & bacon sandwiches at the Cobbled Cow cafe.

During the no wind periods the crew bought any missing pieces of kit from Wild Diamond. Broken fins were replaced and a little bit of extra neoprene was added to Ed’s collection. We hired surfboards from Blackhouse Watersports and took our own paddle boards to Balephuil. The sun shone down and we had so much water time through surfing, paddleboarding, wetsuitless swimming and kitesurfing that a day never went past without feeling all the E’s… energized / exhilarated / exhausted. A cold beer or glass of wine were often sunk to finish each day.

Coaching on Tiree is by far the most challenging, but often the most rewarding too. It is not easy to push the freestyle limits up here, so we have to adapt to the conditions and embrace each day. When the wind hits around 20mph its time to go go go on the unhooked tricks, but while its pumping 30mph its time to nail those darkslides. When it hits 35mph lets beat the Woo PB’s and slash some waves on waveboards. When the wind drops a Jo Wilson Kitesurfing Coaching Holiday wouldn’t be a Jo Wilson Coaching Holiday without the obligatory beach circuits, random runs or lengthy stretches too!!

The friendships, laughter, sessions and banter are endless! Card games in the evenings to debates over poppadum’s and mango chutney! Seriously, Tiree is a place that EVERY kitesurfer with a sense of adventure should visit and embrace!!

The family holiday was ace! Where could be better for children then an unpolluted island, with almost no traffic & noise. There are no roundabouts, traffic lights and barely even a phone signal. There are rock pools, huge natural sand pits, cows, birds, sheep, tractors, diggers, calls from seals and a daily airplane. You can put your baby down for their nap without fear of them over heating or you can let your toddler run wild and free with the wind on their backs on the beach. There is no concerns of sunburn or over heating and the holiday houses are ready for us. They are so well insulated and warm at the end of each day, perfect for making the children sleepy after their bath!

Tom, Sav and Barney were the only family to book on to this first ever Family Friendly Kitesurfing Holiday and they were lucky enough to each score 1:1 coaching all week.

Sav is an inspiration and Tom a charger! Baby Barney is a 4 month old legend happy to sleep in the van or pram so Sav and Tom could build confidence, rebuild fitness and nail all their tricks.

In almost 3 weeks there were a handful of days with no wind, but on the whole we were dealt an incredible hand. The air temperature did not drop below 14 degrees and the water temperature was pretty warm to. Sav, Tom, Chris and I swam around a little island with no wetsuits and seals popped their heads out metres from us to see what was going on. You could happily be in your flip flops on the beach and a 5mm wetsuit on the water. Tiree really is the sunniest British Isle and we managed 3 bbq’s in 3 weeks.

As we arrived to the ferry port on the last day there was a completely different vibe from on the way out. The guarded barriers of people were broken down, eye contact was made at every opportunity and we settled in to seats next to each other on the ferry. Whether part of the Jo Wilson Coaching Holidays or independently travelling we were all united!! We had all had thrived, not survived on Tiree and all had our tales to tell! The glorious ferry journey back past the waterfalls and unpopulated islands was full of chatter and laughter – friends now who will remember this trip forever!

Next year we hope to spend both September and half of October on the island running a Wild & Windy Tiree Series of kitesurfing holidays to include the Freestyle Coaching Weeks, Tough on Tiree Weeks for wave junkies & family friendly weeks too. There is arguably no better place to be in Autumn and we hope to see you there next year!!

Family Friendly Kitesurfing

Posted on April 23rd, 2017 by Jo Wilson

In a bid to get parents back on the water we are introducing kitesurfing holidays for families with under 5 year olds. With small amounts of coaching to maximise your water time these holidays are to help you build your kiting fitness, skills & confidence for those all too few kitesurfing sessions.

We would like to invite 4 families on the first family friendly kitesurfing holiday to help us get this concept up and running smoothly.

Over a week this summer we invite you to bring yourselves and your little one’s to Soma Bay in Egypt. I personally will run two kitesurfing coaching sessions per day one for mum and one for dad. You pick who goes for which session depending on your child’s needs and I can be as flexible as you like.

With 6 days of coaching on offer you can choose to take one coaching session per day or just one session in the whole week. You can hog all 12 sessions for yourself or split them 50 / 50 between you and your partner. Hell if you can’t make it one day then no stress we’ll make up for it the next!

During these family friendly kitesurfing holidays we want you to get some quality time on the water while your partner engages with your child.  A second session in the day means no one misses out. Each session will be around 60-90 mins plus there are employed efficient & competent beach hands to help you rig up and launch safely.  You get to have a stress free session but still have plenty of time to spend with your little one and each other throughout the day & evening.

The dates are 5th – 12th July 2017 and will run at an introductory family cost of £999. This includes Transfers, accommodation half board at The Breakers Surf & Dive Lodge, Storage, Rescue & Coaching.

(If one half of your family is a total beginner then lessons can be arranged, but this will be an additional cost.)

To register your interest or to book on then please email me on

Dakhla Dreamin’ 2017

Posted on April 11th, 2017 by Jo Wilson

This trip was fully subscribed and was made up of 7 people from England & Ireland. Some people were working on their toeside and jumping while others were working on dark slides and handle passes.

Dakhla can offer all day wind on a regular basis allowing the group to be split in to smaller coaching groups leaving plenty of time for free riding or relaxing, as well as gaining a couple of hours coaching each day.

During our week we had what I would call an average week of wind. We had 2 full days of wind and all the others were half days. Stretching / yoga exercises in the yoga room at the end of most days was totally welcome for tired and aching muscles. Dakhla offers a variety of conditions and some weeks you’ll have wind all day every day and others you may get 5 days of wind out of 7. You will always need all your kites as some days its blowing just 12-15 knots while others it blows well over 30.

This trip we stayed at Dakhla Attitude which if full board and meal times were plentiful and delicious!
There were many tricks learned over this holiday with everyone kiting their socks off, but I think the biggest number of tricks would be won by Paul Davis who eeked every last moment out of the wind.

The next quick hit kitesurfing holiday for intensive coaching is Egyptian Energy running from 14th – 21st June 2017 where there is one more place available or 24th June – 1st July where there are still 2 places available.

Please do join us!!

Western Oz a go go!

Posted on March 9th, 2017 by Jo Wilson

Fresh back from Western Australia here is prior warning of an imminent new trip. At JWC HQ we are researching suitably brilliant self catering houses in South Fremantle, Augusta & Lancelin for our first ever WA Kitesurfing Coaching Holiday. Heads up to a trip circa 10th Jan 2018 for a group size of 6 people!

Stella kitesurfing for 2017

Posted on December 14th, 2016 by Jo Wilson

Its all a gogogo here at JWC Headquarters.  Im 100% back on the coaching band wagon after a year of Maternity leave and all I can think about is who I can coach and where can I do it.

If you cast an eye to the holidays page you will be able to see many of the coaching holidays on offer for 2017.  These holidays can whisk you off to Watamu in Kenya, Dakhla in Morocco, Soma Bay in Egypt, Multiple Stops in Brazil, Wave riding in Wales or Adventure riding in Tiree.

Excitingly I will be running these holidays myself once again.

In addition Im looking forward to re-introducing a UK Coaching Tour this spring where I will be travelling to popular beaches in the UK so that I can bring 3 hour quick hit coaching sessions to your door.

Please keep an eye out on this website to see what I can offer you to help get you off to a stella start for 2017.

Rocking Out! Rocking Hard! Brazil Action Adventure

Posted on November 1st, 2016 by Jo Wilson

Brazil Surfari & Coaching 2016 has just drawn to an emotional, but fittingly debaucherous close. The team from Jo Wilson Coaching have just had the good fortune and incredible pleasure to spend the last 2 weeks with this crazy rabble!!


From flat water river mouths, to lagoon sessions with the pro’s, oceans to ourselves and downwinders in the ‘swell of the year’ I can hand on my heart say that this was what everyone including myself was hoping for – The best Brazilian Kitesurfing Coaching Holiday to date and dare I say it the best Jo Wilson Coaching holiday to date too.

Over the course of the trip we had conditions for all 12 of the crew and most of the crew rode double sessions every single day for 2 weeks. Never have I seen so much kitesurfing from one group of people.


Memorable moments include watching Rich drag his knuckles on the floor as he walked back to the top of the lagoon multiple times, eeking the last moments of the dropping wind at sunset on Cauipe.  Mark R who sucked up a sore rib and learned to unhook when only earlier this year he was working on his first back rolls.


Mark G taking on 8ft swell on the downwinder, Nick working on his shiftys, Alex landing his first crow mobe, Bee throwing down a raley to blind, Sarah rocking out huge unhooked raleys and Zoe throwing down hard and fast toeside landings out of her back rolls. This just names half of my highlights and half of the people of the trip. Everyone was on impressive form and landed an incredible array of tricks.


Brazil Surfari & Coaching has been so fun both on and off the water. Dinner times have been full entertainment due to the lively crowd and we have had a couple of well timed spontaneous debaucherous nights too.

I sit here writing this feeling full of emotion as its my first trip back after almost 18 months. Ive been planning it for months between looking after Finn who is now 11 months old and the focus was to create a trip bigger and better then before without losing out on the focus of the kitesurfing coaching.


After an incredibly funny & late last night it seemed as though the last of the crew closed their airport transfer door with a happy smile on their face which can only be a positive sign of a good trip.  My son barely grumbled, never forgot to smile and shared the love for life that people passionate about life tend to do.  He had special high 5’s for Rich, toys to present for Sharon, goodies to discover from Sarah & full body smiles for George.


All I can say is how grateful I am to Brazil for being such a magical place and the 12 incredible crew members who made up an energetic, banterful and adventurous collective of now ‘friends’. Im grateful to Nanette, George & Chris who complete the Jo Wilson Coaching team who worked tirelessly from 6.45am and were still the last people standing at the end of the evening no matter how late that occasionally became.


There wasn’t a person who did not throw all their energies in to this trip and the laughter that echoed from the breakfast table, over the waves & lagoons, through the wind on our buggy journeys at dusk and still at the bar in the evenings.


Brazil will 100% be on the menu for next year! Please enjoy this selection of photos which in themselves demonstrate just how enjoyable this trip was from start until finish.


Youth Kitesurfing & Hunstanton Training Camp

Posted on August 23rd, 2016 by Jo Wilson
The British Youth Kitesurfing Training Program is the official BKSA Elite Youth Training program.  It really feels like progress is being made both within each individuals ability and the increasing numbers of young people who are learning through various BKSA schools.  The evidence is that the junior category is now the biggest category in the British Kitesurfing Championships.
Harry, Cameron, Max
At the 3rd round of the program 6 people aged 13-16 took part.  They have been on the program for up to 2 years.  The 6 had clearly been working hard on their tricks since the last round in May.  Cameron’s technical ability had rocketed landing 4 different handle passes in one session.  Harry’s power as always was through the roof, but this time his technical ability had somewhat developed to.  Tom who is probably our smallest rider has some incredible tricks under his belt and Toby had put some serious work in to both his strength and ability on the water since we had last seen him.  Stan and Ollie are our newest riders on the block and they had been practicing front rolls, unhooked raleys and unhooked back rolls with heel side and toeside landings.
Our camp was a mixed bag of conditions and despite a forecast for just 14mph we were blessed with 25 mph.
We used day 1 to do on the water coaching where all 6 riders were busting tricks alongside coaches George and Jo.  British Champion, George Dufty worked with the more technical fellas to help them increase their potential to land air passes, while I worked with Ollie, Stan and Toby to help them improve their technical level too.  The boys tricks were filmed by Will Rockcliffe from Hunstanton Sailing Club giving us plenty of footage to analyse the following day when the wind was forecasted to be light and offshore.
For the youth coaching program there is a lot more involved then just kitesurfing and so its essential that we split our time between being on the water and being off the water.  This round we continued with the topic of injury prevention which involved learning about knee & shoulder injuries and how to help prevent them.  It incorporated essential lessons on safety with particular reference to deep water pack downs and the all essential ‘tie off’.  In addition and particularly relevant to this camp we covered the all important element of competition riding.  All 6 riders were registered for the finals of the British Championships which ran this weekend
Safety training youth kitesurfing coaching
With both classroom based topics, land based activity and on the water kitesurfing it seemed as though the camp went well and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.  Their kitesurfing abilities progressed and their friendships did to.  Although the following day, stormy saturday didn’t see the juniors compete due to overly testing conditions (40-50 knots) they all went free riding having fun as a crew of similar aged buddies – an impressive sight and a Team GB in the making.
The Championships for 2016 is now complete leaving this Autumn & Winter for the riders to keep training.  Cameron and Tom are embarking on a full term at the World Class Kitesurf Academy while Harry, Stan, Toby & Ollie will continue to work hard on their home surf.  The next Youth Training Event is in Barrow on 18/19th September.
kitesurfing youth coaching competition
The results for Round 3 of the British Championships are as follows for the Juniors:
1st Place:  Cameron Auld (Airush)
2nd Place: Toby Cooke (Naish)
3rd Place:  Tom Seagar (North)
4th Place:  Harry Way (Slingshot)
The results of the Overall British Championships are as follows for the Juniors:
1st Place:  Cameron Auld (Airush)
2nd Place: Harry Way (Slingshot)
3rd Place:  Tom Seagar (North)
4th Place:  Toby Cooke (Naish)

Exmouth Kitesurfing Youth Training

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 by Jo Wilson
Jo Wilson Coaching established the British Youth Kitesurfing Coaching Program in August 2014 which is set up to travel around the UK bringing youth kitesurfing training close to the home beaches of as many people as possible.  The program is set up for 12-18 years old with the majority of the riders aged under 16.
Exmouth Youth Kitesurfing Coaching Crew Jo Wilson Coaching'croppedb
We have just completed Round 2 of 4 which took place in Exmouth, Devon.  This is how the weekend went down.
Saturday produced some phenomenal conditions on the seafront with wind blowing around 18-22mph.  It is a wind against tide location in the mouth of the river Exe estuary which provides extremely flat water.  With the tide flow against the wind it meant that the boys found it very easy to ride upwind no matter how many tricks they were throwing down.   Mostly the boys were on 7m kites, but Toby Cooke rode his 8m and Harry Way (current junior champion) took his 10m.  The program for this round was fully subscribed and we had 6 riders taking part.
Youth Kitesurfing Training Jo Wilson Coaching
The level of the riders varied from those who were mastering their first back rolls through to those who were starting unhooking or the highest level of rider who was busy cementing his surface handle passes.  It was a spectacular show and hard to believe so many young riders were on the water in any one place.  There were two coaches – including myself and George Dufty.  George rides for Liquid Force International and is the British Champion from 2014.  We absolutely enjoyed every moment.
Coaching came in 3 main formats.
1.  Simple tips given to the boys from the shore while their kites were in the air
2. A series of trick demonstrations,
3. Follow my leader style coaching where George would ride along side the boys and perform the trick they were working on.  The rider following George would then copy.
Once back at the home ranch we could check out videos online completing one exhausting day of action.  Its safe to say the riders gave more then 100% of the efforts and went home tired that night!!
Day 2 we moved the event to a beach further west which had a stronger forecast.  The lighter riders were able to ride for around an hour allowing Stan to practise his unhooking technique and Toby to go for his handle pass.  The boys rode well, but the wind did not match the calibre of the day before.  Over the course of Sunday we ran land based simulations relating to each trick that the riders were working on, so that they could be ready with the tools to progress once back on their home surf.
In all, this event was fantastic to be a part of and made even more special because it is the home of the 3 Bridges Boys aka “The Bridglets’ from Edge Watersports.  Tom and Guy Bridge were on hand demonstrating their tricks right in amongst us all and joined us at our base over the cause of the weekend too.  It was spectacular.
Our base was The Kitehouse – a 10 bedroom holiday home over looking the seafront.  It has multiple living spaces, a huge outdoor garden with showers, pool & hot tub – Kiting with style and definitely a holiday house we hope to run future clinics from.  If fact if you are a group of kitesurfers looking for a UK kiting holiday then this is 100% the place to do it. Check out
Jo Wilson Coaching Youth Training Program Exmouth
The content of the Pro Kite Youth Training Program varies from location to location.  The program is set up to help riders aged under 18 to improve in their level, but also learn how to ride more safely, train to be injury free and learn about life as a pro rider & competition.  Round 2 was particularly set up to help improve rider level and safety.
A big well done to Ollie & Stan for improving they jumping technique to help their front rolls.  Well done to Ollie, Stan, Ben & Ben for learning hooked in raleys and correct unhooking technique to master the unhooked version safely to.  Huge well done to Harry for nailing multiple raleys to blind and a variety of toeside surface handle passes and also to Toby for putting more power in to his unhooked tricks and starting on the path of surface passes.
Round 3 of the Pro Kite Youth Training Program takes place in Hunstanton on the 18/19th August and will have more of a competition base format.  This event will be run from Hunstanton Sailing Club who also have a phenomenal set up to give a safe and secure base for the young riders.  This round lies right before the British Kite Championships.  At Hunstanton we will use the boat facilities to simulate deep water pack down training drills so if anyone ever gets caught out in the worse case scenario then they will have the knowledge to deal with it safely and effectively.  We will have British Champion, George Dufty back to help the riders put competition heats together and of course Jo will be there as always providing coaching to help each rider improve on the water.
To find out more about the Youth Kitesurfing Training Program or take part then please contact

Rhosneigr Youth Training

Posted on April 6th, 2016 by Jo Wilson

A mix of wind conditions from 35mph on day 1 to 15mph on day 3 the first of the BKSA Youth Training program got off to a flying start and all participants rocked out their stunts.

kitesurfing youth training toby styling it lr

(Toby styling out his back roll on the new Naish Grom Board)

Rhosneigr is a UK renowned spot for great wind and fantastic kitesurfing & windsurfing conditions.  Based on Anglesey, just a stones throw from Snowdonia it seems to enjoy its own micro climate offering sunshine and wind on the most unlikely of days.  This weekend was no exception for wind although the sun only showed up for a brief period, but if we were to choose Rhosenigr certainly delivered the conditions the right way round.

kitesurfing youth training Harry power lr

(Harry holding down some mega power on the 5m in 35+ mph)

Harry Way, Cameron Auld and Toby Cooke were all part of the youth training program in 2014/5 and have continued in to 2016.  They had been riding over the winter and it was clear to see their improvement.  Toby was twice as big and strong, confidently & consistently landing his tricks that he learned last summer.  Cameron was somehow more ‘boingy’ nailing big s bends, raleys and back to toe amongst other tricks.  He had clearly been stepping up his pace over the winter and was looking much more technical.

Kitesurfing youth training cameron lr

(Cameron crusing out on his 4m after nailing some spurt smooth rotations in the strong wind)

Harry had been making the most of the strong winds and was landing his rotations & unhooked tricks with severe power.  Man that boy can fly.  Stan was our newest recruit travelling up from Devon.  His skilled he had learned the previous summer and he was confidentially charging up & down wind and boosting jumps.

kitesurfing youth training stan jump lr

(Stan working on his boost on a lighter wind day)

This camp was about trying to get as much time on the water as possible and coaching new tricks.  We were delighted to introduce Pro Rider and fellow youth kitesurfer George Dufty who volunteered his time to help.  He could demo the kite loops for big winds & handle passes for lighter wind.  It was very easy for him to put himself in the shoes of the participants as George was in the same position just 4 years ago.  His energy, enthusiasm & skills made a great addition to the camp and the boys all have new goals to work on this season.

kitesurfing youth training George Dufty lr

(George giving Toby a helping hand)

With the challenging conditions we were presented with we found days where the bigger boys were riding 4m & 5m kites while the smaller riders unable to ride helped coach from the sidelines then vice versa we also had light days where the smaller riders were on 10m & 12m kites with the bigger boys on the sidelines to help coach.  Once again we enjoyed a cracking 4 days of dedication and great friendships both on and off the water.

kitesurfing youth training group lr

(George & Jo working with Harry on kite loops while the rest of the crew also listened in to take some tips for their next sessions)

Next up the program will visit Exmouth in Devon during May where we hope to pick up where we left off and to introduce some competition training to.

rhosneigr youth training kitesurfing 2016

If you are interested in being involved please do give us a shout.