Brazil Kitesurfing Surfari 2017

28th October – 11th November 2017 (last space available)


  • All Transfers
  • Welcome dinner
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Buggy support for downwinders
  • Coaching and High Definition Video Coaching

Welcome to our Brazilian Kitesurfing Surfari where we whisk you off arguably the most exquisite kitesurfing beaches in the North East of Brazil.  This action packed adventure promises to combine the best elements of surfari while keeping kitesurfing coaching at the forefronts of our minds.

Our passion to see you improve and this is what really makes our holiday different.  We prioritise choosing the locations, based on making it as easy as possible for you to improve.  Whether we are coaching you pop, rotations, unhooking or darkslides you can feel really safe & relaxed both on the water & at the stunning, high quality pousadas where we stay.  These two trips are very different from each other giving you the opportunity to pick the trip that sounds best for you.

Both surfaris will be split in to 3 stages visiting 3 completely different locations.

Barra Nova:  To kick off we will take you to a wildly beautiful lagoon called Barra Nova 1hour south of the airport.  The water is flat, wind smooth & there is a very relaxed vibe to this location.  Its a great place to warm you up in to the trip & start you on some new kitesurfing skills.

Icaraizinho:  Our second destination is a stunning bay providing stronger wind, kickers and flat water between each wave.  Great for freestyle, downwinders & developing your wave riding.  This place is less well known and the space on the water allows us to really get down to the nitty gritty so we can help you to throw down new tricks.

Cumbuco: Last, but not least our 3rd destination we will take you to stay in arguably the most exquisite pousada in Cumbuco.  Your body will be well deserving of its beautifully furnished rooms, delicious breakfasts and refreshing pool.  You will feel revitalised and ready for sessions both on the sea and the lagoons that Brazil is infamous for.

There are up to 12 places available with 2 coaches including Jo Wilson. You will be in coaching groups of 3-4 and the trip will be tailored to help you reach your own personal goals.  With yoga style stretching on most evenings and good quality places to stay these Brazilian Kitesurfing Surfaris have the potential to be your happiest, healthiest adventure to date.

All you have to do is pack, get there and enjoy the ride!

For more information please contact me on and I will send you further information on the trip.  Alternatively please give me a call on 07919 276 405 where I will be happy to discuss it further.

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