Kitesurfing Holidays

Jo Wilson Coaching provides fun, action packed kitesurfing holidays to some of the most idyllic kite spots around the globe.  Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Wales, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Tiree & Brazil name a few.   They are coaching adventures offering you exhilarating riding in tranquil locations while providing the coaching methods you need to take your mind away from your day job and onto your day dreams.

The holidays are aimed at people who are not able to ride on a regular basis due to work commitments and are there to help you ease in to the conditions and then progress at a rate that is right for you. With the highest BKSA Instructors & coach qualifications we progressively build up moves in a fun and safe manner at locations with minimised hazards. Start your holiday by styling your riding with first rotations, grabs and transitions. Be sent technically higher with hooked in grabbed rotations, raileys, s bends and kite loops. Or for those who really want to push the limits then we’ll build up unhooked moves and power you into spectacular insanity.

If you are stuck in a rut, concerned of the consequences or just don’t how to achieve the next level then Jo Wilson Coaching Holidays will help you to overcome this. With rescue facilities on the beach, visualising tricks on land, hitting the water and direct approach video coaching you will have the tools you need to keep your mind focused and your body prepared to build up the moves and minimise the crashes. Together we’ll have you popping new tricks on white cap speckled waters in no time.

  • Blissful kitesurfing, superb locations, smooth tranquil waters
  • Daily comprehensive coaching
  • 6-12 like minded kitesurfers
  • Rescue and storage facilities
  • Video Coaching Overview
  • Delicious food  and evening entertainment
  • High Quality accommodation
  • Fun, relaxed
    atmosphere with no
    obligation to take
    part in all sessions
    day  or night