Kite Training Plan

A Kitesurfing Training Plan (KTP) is a plan set up specifically for you to help you land your next tricks and to keep your kitesurfing fitness up in times that you are unable to hit the beach. The plan contains a list of tricks that should be next on your list to learn plus a stretching & strengthening program to help you keep your kitesurfing fitness up no matter what day of the week it is. Each trick has instructions written on how to do the trick. These instructions are written based on how you ride. It highlights where your strengths and weakness are and how to overcome these so that you can learn to do the trick safely with minimum crashing.

The training plans are available on your mobile or laptop. The plan allows you to update whenever you have had a session and allows you to make any observations on what is happening in your trick when you do it on the water. This directly updates Jo’s screen allowing her to give you remote coaching wherever you or Jo is in the world.

To be able to have your own KTP you will need to take part in a coaching course allowing her to assess your riding and begin coaching you a new set of tricks. After the course is complete Jo will set up your plan according to your course. With this plan you will be provided with a username and password for you to log in using your phone or your computer wherever you are.

To have your very own KTP it costs £50 per month plus the cost of your initial course. There are a variety of courses available so the cost of this is variable. Included in this price is the KTP itself plus feedback on your tricks twice per month.

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