Family Friendly Kitesurfing

Posted on April 23rd, 2017 by Jo Wilson

In a bid to get parents back on the water we are introducing kitesurfing holidays for families with under 5 year olds. With small amounts of coaching to maximise your water time these holidays are to help you build your kiting fitness, skills & confidence for those all too few kitesurfing sessions.

We would like to invite 4 families on the first family friendly kitesurfing holiday to help us get this concept up and running smoothly.

Over a week this summer we invite you to bring yourselves and your little one’s to Soma Bay in Egypt. I personally will run two kitesurfing coaching sessions per day one for mum and one for dad. You pick who goes for which session depending on your child’s needs and I can be as flexible as you like.

With 6 days of coaching on offer you can choose to take one coaching session per day or just one session in the whole week. You can hog all 12 sessions for yourself or split them 50 / 50 between you and your partner. Hell if you can’t make it one day then no stress we’ll make up for it the next!

During these family friendly kitesurfing holidays we want you to get some quality time on the water while your partner engages with your child.  A second session in the day means no one misses out. Each session will be around 60-90 mins plus there are employed efficient & competent beach hands to help you rig up and launch safely.  You get to have a stress free session but still have plenty of time to spend with your little one and each other throughout the day & evening.

The dates are 5th – 12th July 2017 and will run at an introductory family cost of £999. This includes Transfers, accommodation half board at The Breakers Surf & Dive Lodge, Storage, Rescue & Coaching.

(If one half of your family is a total beginner then lessons can be arranged, but this will be an additional cost.)

To register your interest or to book on then please email me on