Egyptian Energy 2018

Posted on July 12th, 2018 by Jo Wilson

We arrived to Soma Bay in Egypt on 6th June and we are in our last 2 days of the trip.  Egyptian Energy is my most functional kitesurfing holiday on the calendar.  25 people embarked on one of 3 coaching weeks that I had running over here where they basically signed their lives away to let me help them to take their kitesurfing to the next level.  I literally love that a range of skills from people who can barely jump to those who can pull off a few unhooked tricks allow me to take control and help them to teach them new tricks.  My goal is to ensure that people riding twin tips do not get stuck in a plateau and always know what tricks they should learn next and I provide the building blocks to securing new tricks while here, but continue improving once back on home surf

On day one I watch over a crew of up to 10 people and check out their kitesurfing level.  I look at their existing skills and work out firstly which skills need polishing up and then secondly what tricks they can work on next.  We take in to the account the forecast and establish strong wind tricks and light wind tricks.  The concept is to learn as many new tricks as possible with the minimum amount of crashes.

I have been coaching here in Egypt for 9 years now and its the trip where the conditions remain fairly samey all week so that all each rider has to think about is the trick itself as opposed to what the wind or water is choosing to do that day!

Popping, big jumps, grabs, back rolls, various transitions, front rolls, raleys and darkslides are the top tricks that people are keen to learn plus I also like to introduce tricks that people do not realise that they can learn…   tricks from toeside, tricks to blind, grabs in transitions, darkslides without kite loops name a few.  I use tips on the beach, video footage, visualisation & demo’s all as methods to coach.

Here are a few photos from the month.



Thank you everyone for kiting so hard and I hope that you will come back again soon!  To those of you who have not embarked on one of these coaching adventures.  Please do.

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