Dakhla Dreamin’ 2017

Posted on April 11th, 2017 by Jo Wilson

This trip was fully subscribed and was made up of 7 people from England & Ireland. Some people were working on their toeside and jumping while others were working on dark slides and handle passes.

Dakhla can offer all day wind on a regular basis allowing the group to be split in to smaller coaching groups leaving plenty of time for free riding or relaxing, as well as gaining a couple of hours coaching each day.

During our week we had what I would call an average week of wind. We had 2 full days of wind and all the others were half days. Stretching / yoga exercises in the yoga room at the end of most days was totally welcome for tired and aching muscles. Dakhla offers a variety of conditions and some weeks you’ll have wind all day every day and others you may get 5 days of wind out of 7. You will always need all your kites as some days its blowing just 12-15 knots while others it blows well over 30.

This trip we stayed at Dakhla Attitude which if full board and meal times were plentiful and delicious!
There were many tricks learned over this holiday with everyone kiting their socks off, but I think the biggest number of tricks would be won by Paul Davis who eeked every last moment out of the wind.

The next quick hit kitesurfing holiday for intensive coaching is Egyptian Energy running from 14th – 21st June 2017 where there is one more place available or 24th June – 1st July where there are still 2 places available.

Please do join us!!